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When Will We Be Back?

We are all wondering when we will be able to get out and entertain ourselves again!  Whether it’s dinner and a movie, shopping, vacationing, weekend getaways, all Americans are anxiously awaiting the day when we can freely move about with no worries. 

To get an idea of when Americans will feel confident again entertaining themselves, Morning Consult first began tracking consumer comfort levels during the spring lockdowns.

Below is a time series (April 202 to Dec. 2020) of 9 important drivers of the U. S. leisure economy divided into comfort levels of Boomers vs. Millennials:

Because they are younger and less vulnerable, millennials are more comfortable with nearly every activity listed in the poll.

Comfort among Baby Boomers largely remained the same from late November to mid- December.  Millennials’ comfort, on the other hand, increased in the majority of categories, reaching seven all-time highs as of the latest survey.

We expect that as the vaccine becomes more prevalent, and as safety and efficacy is proven, people will continue to feel more comfortable doing all of these activities.  And maybe in 24 months, we will see a normalization of all these activities, albeit with behaviors that have also become part of the American way of life;  washing hands, social distancing, possibility even being wary of strangers.    

In asking consumers to predict when they will feel safe returning to leisure activities, Morning Consult measured a steady increase in consumer comfort with doing most activities through the the summer. Then, in early November, uncertainty appeared to be growing, with many consumers saying they couldn’t predict or had no opinion about when they would feel comfortable with several activities increasing.

In summary, we are still in a period of unprecedented uncertainty. With the new year, and with new cases increasing or decreasing, change and uncertainty is likely to be with us for at least six more months!

Stay tuned, this will be over someday, but not soon enough for many of us!