Monthly Archives: June 2020

When Will We Be Back?

When will our entertainment and attraction industries return?  When will consumers feel ready and trustful enough to visit our many attractions?  These are the questions we are all asking right now.  Morning Consult did a survey of 2,200 adults on May 28 and found the following results:

The takeaways for from this most recent survey:

  • We aren’t coming back as soon as we hoped.  It will take at least six months from now, or right before the Christmas rush for any of these activities to feel safe for at least 50% of the United States adult population.
  • By the beginning of December, 65% of the population will feel safe going out to eat; 56% going to a shopping mall; 44% going to the movies, 40% going to a museum; only 35% will feel safe going to an amusement park or a concert.

The data suggests that we need to strap in and prepare for a bumpy ride!  What will you do in the meantime to keep your guests engaged?  We are working that for many of our clients, but let’s share experiences.