Multi-National Traveler Choices


In our previous travel blogs, we looked at the travel-related patterns of Baby Boomers versus Millennials, and we also showed how Gen Zers were influencing the travel industry today.  In this blog, we decided to go broader and look at international travel trends.  We source an excellent report, “Multi-National Travel Trends” by the Expedia Group.  The study surveyed more than 10,000 travelers from ten different countries (approximately 1,000 travelers from each country) and then compared them to 1,000 travelers within the US.  The focus of this report was to take a more global look at what motivates international travelers and what their usual behaviors might be in 2019.  Below, we list the eleven countries the Expedia Group focused on along with the number of citizens per country, the GDP for each and the GDP per capita.

 According to, all of these countries fall in the Top 21 Countries for GDP with the United States taking the number one spot and Argentina, the lowest.

Presented below are some of the more interesting stats from the report.

  • On average, Mexican and Chinese travelers take the most trips per year at 5.6 and 5.3 annual trips respectively. Canadians take the fewest at 2.8 trips per year.  Americans average 4.4 trips per year.

  • Argentinians take the longest vacations for an average of 12.0 days per trip while Japanese take the shortest trips at 3.4 days.  Americans average 6.7 days per trip.

  • Visiting family is more important to Americans, Canadians and Australians before relaxing or sightseeing. On the other hand, Chinese, Argentinians, Germans and Mexicans showed a preference for relaxing.  Japanese travelers ranked sightseeing as their number one reason for traveling while also being the least likely to book a romantic getaway out of all the countries.
  • All eleven of the countries choose planes as their number one choice for travel. Automobiles are the second choice for all countries except China.  These travelers prefer to travel by train.
  • Hotels are the number one choice for overnight accommodations for all countries.

  • Europeans, Canadians and Argentinians were the most likely to book international travel in 2018 versus domestic travel.

  • While the majority of travelers from all eleven of the countries have a budget beforehand (59% and up), Japanese, British and German travelers are the most ready to spend money and budget while on a trip at 93%, 81% and 80% respectively.

  • For all of the travelers, at least one third of their budget is allocated for both hotels (18%-34%) and flights (14%-22%) with another 16%-18% set aside for food.

  • All of the travelers from the survey consider value for their dollar as  important when considering where to travel. However, the travel decisions will more likely be decided based on 1) activities that will be done on the trip, 2) “once in a lifetime” experiences, and 3) the cultural experience before the “Lowest Price” option.
  • Japanese and Chinese travelers prioritize food experiences into their trips.
  • When making travel decisions, Chinese, Americans, and Brazilians are especially influenced by ads with appealing imagery and informative content.
  • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Search Engines are the top choices for planning travel followed by Travel Review Sites. Chinese Travelers tend to prefer social and blog sites when making their travel plans.

According to the study, some key conclusions and insights for marketing include the following:

  • Recognize that all travelers  enjoy advertising that connects with them.  Think the Subaru dog TV spots.
  • Many travelers want a totally unique and individualized vacation.  Advertising should be geared to highlight this aspect of locations.
  • Travel consumers want to visit multiple spots when on vacation.  Offer them choices in experiences which are highlighted in ads.
  • Travelers still want a deal.  Always include several options that include great savings.
  • Develop programs and experiences with strategic partnerships for locations,  experiences and activities.

Source:  Expedia Group –


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