Well, it has finally happened!  We are beginning to market to zygotes!  Yes, the new Generation Z includes kids 15 years of age and younger.  They are already being studied so we can figure out how to sell them Coke, toothpaste, soap and of course, technology.

I have some experience with the oldest of this generation, which is expected to at least equal the size of the Baby Boomers, when the final cutoff date is established.  Both my husband and son teach math to 15-year olds.  It is very strange that they both make the same assessment of their students, calling them “aggressively entitled children.”  I find it strange because one of them teaches the poorest children in our county, and the other teaches the wealthiest children in his region.  How has this happened?

These kids are treated with kid-gloves with very structured activities and schedules.  They are being raised by helicopter parents, and as such, they have tremendous capabilities and are a bit precocious.

So, here are 12 observations about and predictions for the new generation:

  1. Gen Zs have never known a world without cell phones, computers, or the Internet.
  2. They are more exposed to information, music, movies, other cultures and photos than any other generation.
  3. They can absorb a lot of information, but prefer it in short fast grabs (like Twitter).
  4. They will use their technology, small networks, and innovations to make a difference in their world.
  5. They are passionate about their interests because of the vast amount of information they can access.
  6. They are good at multi-tasking since they often use the mobile phones, computers and gaming systems simultaneously.
  7. Through multi-play computer gaming, they are learning collaboration, leadership and quick strategy planning, so cooperation and problem-solving will become second nature to them.
  8. They will be more environmentally aware than previous generations since global warming and climate change are important today.
  9. They may have more degrees, certificates and diplomas than any other generation.
  10. Many Gen Zs will have experienced unprecedented prosperity followed by significant economic turmoil before they reach adulthood.
  11. Gen Z families are smaller than previous generations.  Their parents are older and most mothers work without the guilt of past generations.
  12. Their parents range from young Baby Boomers to older Gen Yers, with the bulk of parents being Gen Xers.  Many have “traditional values.”


  1. My grandchildren are GenZ and while they are growing up comfortably, I suspect they are in for rude awakenings, as you said. I feel, totally based on intuition, that this generation may have the highest level of burnout after the boomers since they have been “programmed” to overachieve since infancy.

  2. 13. They carry, on average (sample in Western CT), around 30 gigs of data on their person or in their backpacks. When asked what this is – is it video or audio or apps or cracks or even “media” they laugh and say “Dad, it’s stuff…we don’t care, just stuff”.

  3. JB
    Lots of food for thought here! I think Avatar is really the moniker of this generation as well – a harbinger of things to come. I’m looking forward to seeing how these digital natives adapt to the analog world – or if they make the analog world adapt to them!

  4. Wonderful insight, but with your incredible, nonstop study of the gens, you have used up the entire alphabet! So what’s going to happen now? Starting over? Doubling of digits? The Pandoran alphabet is far more suited to such dilemmas!

  5. Thank you for the information. Excellent! Now I know why two of my friends kids, 14 and 15 have just started their own internet business. Hopefully millionaires before they are 20!

  6. Whew!
    I have a 13 year-old, and you’ve just described him.
    How do we reach them and teach them?

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